SSL Certificate Uses

Secure Your Internet Application

Do you have a website and you are unsure if you need an SSL Certificate? Or perhaps you are unsure what applications an SSL Certificate can secure.

Trustico® SSL Certificate Uses

It's simple. If you are doing any business on the internet then you will need an SSL Certificate. With an SSL Certificate you will show your customers that you value the confidentiality of their data.

Common Uses For An SSL Certificate

Almost every service on the internet can be protected with an SSL Certificate, and in most cases it is a requirement that you secure your online services to protect data.

A secure webpage that collects sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, is a requirement on the internet. Without the SSL Certificate customers will be hesitant to provide sensitive data and will choose to transact elsewhere.

Enterprises generally choose to use an SSL Certificate with VPN or Extranet equipment, allowing offices to share sensitive data over the internet.

Applications That Support An SSL Certificate

This applications listed below is not an exhaustive list. Our SSL Certificates work with any device or software that supports the use of an SSL Certificate.

» Web Mail
» Control Panels
» POP (Incoming E-Mail)
» SMTP (Outgoing E-Mail)
» FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
» HTTPS (Secure Web Pages)
» Shopping Cart Software
» Payment Gateway's

The goal of an SSL Certificate is to keep the exchange of sensitive information encrypted and secure.

Yes! Our SSL Certificates work with any shopping cart that supports the use of an SSL Certificate. If you are using shopping cart software you should immediately protect order information by using an SSL Certificate. Contact Us for more information.